Values - Mission - Accomplishments



VMA-Honors is a Method of Operations for managing public-safety forces agencies based on objectively measuring and evaluating performance. Its foundation is multi-disciplinary in nature.  Principles and practices are drawn from Performance theory, Behavioral theory, economics, employment law, contract law, case law, and labor rulings. The case law is drawn from the United States Supreme Court, federal and state courts, and research conducted on hundreds of arbitration decisions supporting the fairness and validity of VMA-Honors elements and structure.


VMA-Honors is designed to:

1. Establish accountability for objective measurable performance

2. Advance the needs of the vast majority of employees dedicated to honoring their responsibilities to the public, their employer, their positions, and their jobs by being:

  1. Loyal
  2. Subordinate
  3. Competent
  4. Available
  5. Productive
  6. Adaptable
  7. Responsible
  8. Respectful 

3. Efficient, effective, speedy, and lawful 'dis-employment' of toxic employees. These are the employees who create insurmountable reams of paperwork, waste valuable employment time, lower workplace moral, and expose the agency to litigation each year.


Zero-based Evaluations (Z-Base) - ‚ÄčAt the beginning of the year, employees sign a Letter to Honor their employer's organizational values, the duties and responsibilities of their positions, and their jobs throughout the year. Unless a proven act of wrong-doing is committed or an objective measure of performance is flagged for improvement, this Letter serves as their evaluation for the year.


Benefit: Eliminates the wasted time, disruption, and distrust caused by traditional and subjective evaluation systems that merely focus on the performer and not the performance for which the employee was employed and paid to accomplish.

Priority Performance Measures (PPMs) – Objective measures of job performance are identified for each shift, zone, and time period.  Employees will give these measures priority attention over other less "mission-effective" measures when on self-directed work time.


Benefit: Prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness towards employee's Self-Directed Work Time and directs their services where they are needed most.

Self-Reporting Accomplishments (SRA) - Employees are responsible for tracking and reporting their own performance data through VMA-Honors computerized SRA system.  SRA screens for entry errors and all data entered into the system is validated for auditing needs or suspected fraud.


Benefit: Reduces management's paperwork while still providing a secure, trackable, and objective measurements of work performance.  Employees gain a sense of personal accomplishment while maintaining and fostering personal accountability.

Non-Monetary Recognition – A cafeteria listing of discretionary benefits are available for management to honor those employees who add additional value to ordinary (non-mandated) tasks that make a significant difference to the efficient and effective operations of the agency and service to the public.


Benefit:  Promotes employee morale, reinforces a positive public profile, and continually builds the community trust and support that today's society demands.

Retrain, Reassignment, Resign, or Retire (4Rs) – Employees who cannot perform, cannot be Retrained, cannot be Reassigned, or cannot Retire are afforded the opportunity to Resign with dignity and honor.  Those who can perform, but will not, may be allowed to resign or will face "dis-employment."


Benefits: Gives employees choices, reduces the risk of wrongful discharges, and simplifies the management process.