1) Governing Directives - express and apply the fundamental rights of management that form the foundation of our System.


2) Measures, Measurements and Ratings - define performance measures used to provides an objective method for measuring and rating performance.


3) Accountability and Commitment - three methods are implemented to build commitment and accountability for performance:


Non-Monetary Recognition Program uses performance ratings as a method for prioritization of  Non-Monetary appreciation awards.


Performance Improvement Program uses two levels (Formal and Informal) individually or in a progressive method and establishes them as a method for use. 


Corrective Action Program applies fundamental labor-relations doctrines and principles as a method of building employee self-discipline.


Performance Evaluations Program applies principles from Performance Theory, Contract Law, Labor Relations principles, the 80/20 Rule from Employment Discrimination Law, and quantitative and qualitative methods to produce computer generated data tracking and performance ratings.


Each phase includes the necessary personnel training and comprehensive testing to document employee awareness and ensure understanding.