WHAT IF your current 'Method of Operations' and performance evaluation system could -


  • Place management and members on critical issues on the same page and on the same side of the page?
  • ​Flip the burden of paperwork from management to employees when their performance needs improvement? 
  • Make it easier and less costly for a toxic employee to voluntarily leave or retire - without a pay-off - rather than staying with the organization?
  • Eliminate the burden and need for traditional systems that are high-risk, consistently contested, punitive in progressive discipline, and subject based?
  • Make performance the first basis over all other criteria for promotions, shifts assignments, vacation choices, lay-offs, and reductions in work force?
  • Establish and enforce productivity standards - without using quotas?
  • Have a single litmus test to ensure employees that no managerial decision (bargaining or otherwise) will be made that doesn't advantage the majority of employees who do a good job every day?
  • ​Have a defensible criteria for effectively evaluating the "rightness" of all discretionary decisions?


What Would be Needed?


​A change in the organization's 'Method of Operations' and an objective method for measuring and evaluating performance.  Agencies must move from managing employees to managing the employees performance to which they were hired to accomplish.


This requires:

  • Treating employment as an enforceable contract for performance.
  • ​Defining performance as the successful accomplishment of a contract according to its terms and conditions.
  • ​Treating the organization's Mission, Code of Ethics, Oath of Office, Position and Job Descriptions, and fundamental rights of management as enforceable elements of the employment contract.
  • ​Developing a valid, effective, efficient, and easy to use means of gathering objective measurements and evaluations of position and job performance data.
  • Developing a system where performance is the first criteria for advancement, assignments, extra privileges, and retention.
  • ​Making self-discipline an essential function of every job to improve criteria for selection, hiring, promotion, and retention.  Employees who are unable or unwilling to do so are viewed as not qualified for employment. 
  • ​Developing a No-Fault termination system for those who cannot or will not adapt to a performance-directed method of operations.



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